Where Christ Makes a difference, History is made

Willis Holiday 

Head Women's Basketball Coach




Every day you may see a 6'6 tall, positive man who says hello to everyone on campus no matter who are. A man who is always tightly neat from the tip of his head to the tip of his shoes. This a man who made history at North Greenville University and carries his title with class and complete humbleness. Willis Holiday was born in Sumter, SC. He played in Sumter building his basketball career moving forward after high school to a Jr College to reach his college dream of pursuing his basketball career at a division 1 college. Holiday signed to GA Southern and made history there as well as on the court but also off the court as well. Holiday has always been an entrepreneur since birth. Using his gifted mind, he began his own business by opening up his own dance hall that the students could go out to and have a good time from Thursdays to Saturdays. This was Holiday's first big business but was not the last.  

After Graduating from GA Southern Holiday moved the love of the game to opening up his next biggest business in 1999 called Holiday Hoops. Holiday Hoops is the biggest Women's Basketball AAU organization in the state of South Carolina. Holiday Hoops began in just a barn, two baskets and a ball. That was just the beginning of Holiday Hoops. Now in 2017 Holiday Hoops has helped over 300 plus girls go off to division 1 if not 2 colleges to play basketball and have their College paid for by earning full scholarships.  

In 2016 a position was open for an assistant coaching here at North Greenville University. Holiday came into the program this year helping Coach Arledge. After Coach Arledge retired last season Holiday received a promotion to become the head Coach here at North Greenville. After accepting his new possession as head Coach, he was told that he was the first ever Head African American Coach hired here at North Greenville. Holiday said that," Being the first African American Head coach to ever be hired here and to make history was never my intention. I came to North Greenville because I loved the game of basketball and wanted to be a part of a campus that was a family and who wanted to make a difference just as myself. Making history is just a bonus but changing the program of Women's Basketball and developing them into better players as well as young Women that is what I came here to do. " Holiday spoke about how this year he wanted to make a difference within the Womens Basketball team by pushing them to their full potential in the class room and off the court. Winning is our biggest priority along with winning in life through building great relationships with others all over campus and within our basketball family. Holiday asked of our student body and facility to come out and support the Women's Basketball program this year because he promises that the fans will not regret it and will be filled joy!  


By:Briana Mann