Take a look at The Vision student radio station

Sarah Wetherbie, Staff Writer


Have you ever wondered what’s behind that big window in the stud (Student Center)? It’s our radio station The Vision Radio, formerly known as the Vibe. You can listen to it on 95.5 FM Radio. It reaches to the Walmart in Travelers Rest. You can also listen to it on the Mixlr app. Just type in “WNGR”, and the station will pop up.

Harley Watkins' guests, Danielle and Adam, on her Friday edition of Alpha and Omega

Harley Watkins' guests, Danielle and Adam, on her Friday edition of Alpha and Omega

There are many different shows. Some include "Alpha and Omega" and "Lunch with Clayton and Scott." "Alpha and Omega" is done by Harley Watkins. It runs on Mondays and Fridays and relays news of things on campus and off campus, such as the Las Vegas shooting. On "Lunch with Clayton and Scott," they discuss trending topics and play games.

There are two main ways the station chooses what songs to play. One way is through the top charts. They choose some of the top songs of the time of that moment. The other way is through you, the students. In the stud, they have a place where you can request the songs you want to hear on the station. It is labeled and easy to find.

Harley Watkins is the music director for the station. She says that one of the coolest things about working for the station is that it is comforting and uncomfortable at the same time.

It is comforting because, as music director, she can play music that she likes while keeping in mind what everyone else likes. It is also uncomfortable because “it pushes you out of your comfort zone." It helps people get used to talking to other people without them actually being in the room. Harley mentioned that one of the hardest things is that it is easy to mess up. You can have dead air (no music or talking), pick a song no one likes, have too many commercials at one time, plus many more.