10 types of people you see on your Snapchat story

Adam Kelly, Animation Curator

Sophomore Mary Mahan sends a snapchat to a friend. 

Sophomore Mary Mahan sends a snapchat to a friend. 

With every mobile social media application comes tropes and stereotypes for the very people that use them. With over 150 million users of the image messaging app, Snapchat is no exception. Each year, the company releases updates that make it much more than an image messaging app.

One feature that has, for the most part stayed the same, are Snapchat stories. Stories is a separate feed where you can post photos and videos for all of your friends to see. Once posted, the photo or video lasts for 24 hours and cannot be seen again unless the user saved it and wants to upload it again.

This section is notorious for people that post the same type of content every day. If you are a user of Snapchat, you are all too familiar with these kinds of people. Check out the 10 types of Snapchat story users. Maybe you are one of them.

1. The Traveler

These are the kinds of people that enjoy bragging about the vacation they’re on or the country they’re in for a semester abroad. They will add a geotag to every picture they take in every city, no matter how many there are. Many people will add a geotag even if they’re one city away from you. These people want to show everyone that they’re always travelling while you watch from the comfort of your bed.

2. The Concert Goer

These Snapchat users love to show how much money they can spend in a year seeing as many singers and bands as possible. I’ve done this before, but not to the extent of becoming one. These people will post multiple 10 second videos of the songs we all listen to, but the audio is so bad from the speakers projecting the sound so loud there is no point in watching it. Rest in peace to any headphone users.

3. The Partier

We all get it. You like to party not just every weekend, but every night. Similar to the ‘Concert Goer,’ these people post videos with muffled audio you can’t understand, but it’s because several crazy people are screaming the lyrics to the song. I’ve never understood how these people get their work done or attend class with the amount of parties they attend.

4. The Novelist

These people never post pictures on their story, but instead post a black screen full of words no one actually reads. It’s generally not a rant, but a story that they feel compelled to tell probably because their friends in real life did not want to listen. The screen is always horizontal so they can fit more words on the screen, but do these people really think someone is going to read it all?

5. The King/Queen of Selfies

You see these people on Instagram and Twitter as well. Their stories consist of selfies and only selfies. They think they look good all the time so they have to flaunt it. Sometimes they will post a video of them posing in front of a mirror, only reinforcing the narcissism within.

6. The Idle User

These are the Snapchat users that you forgot used Snapchat. They never post on their story and when they do, you forgot you added them as a friend. It’s typically a photo with the temperature filter or a geotag, but that’s about it. The story they post is equally forgettable.

7. The Complainer of Problems

These people are similar to the novelist, but it isn’t always a long Snapchat story. These Snapchat users are calling someone or something out in particular, but they do it all the time. It’s almost like these people want to show that the world is against them. They never seem happy, but maybe one day they’ll post a selfie with them smiling.

8. The Camera Roller

You can upload photos onto your story that you’ve taken from your camera, and these types of users only do that. When you upload from your camera roll, it gives the photo a huge white border indicating that it’s from the camera roll. These users feel a sense of nostalgia when posting because they don’t have anything from the present to post.    

9. The Reenactor

I have been one of these kinds of Snapchat story users and I’m sure you have too. You were surprised by your friend because they played a prank on you. Obviously, you didn’t see it coming so you didn’t get it on video. To show how interesting your life is, you get your friends to reenact the moment again so you can post it on your story. It will never be as good as the first time though.

10. The Food Junkie  

Just like Instagram users, the only thing these Snapchat users want you to do is see the food they bought at a fancy restaurant or even a fast-food place. Some people will set the food up in a more photogenic way (if it’s even possible) and add a filter to it, as well as a geotag of where they’re eating. Again, these people need you to know they’re cultured and only eat the best burger at their local McDonald’s.