8 gift ideas your athletic significant other will love

Sydney Taylor, Staff Writer

Athletes are very simple to shop for. They love clothes and any new gadget that is going to increase their performance. Here is a foolproof holiday shopping list:

1. Shoes

courtesy of unsplah.com

courtesy of unsplah.com

There are always new types of running shoes and cleats coming out and everyone wants the new and best. Plus no one can have too many shoes.

2. Apple Watch Nike+

photo couresty of unsplah.com

photo couresty of unsplah.com

You can stream music, apps and receive notifications without your phone. It is also waterproof for swimming or just sweating.

3. Leggings/ Joggers

Leggings and joggers have become very popular for working out and also as a sporty look, fashionwise. There are many different styles that go for any indoor/outdoor occasion.

4. Gift cards

The easiest way to not disappoint with a gift is a gift card to any of their favorite stores. Obvious stores to consider if you do not know their favorites are Dick’s, Nike, Academy Sports, Hibbett Sports, etc.

5. Hats

photo courtesy of unsplash.com

photo courtesy of unsplash.com

Every sports fan or athlete needs a good hat. One that has their favorite team logo or at least the colors. Hats are great to put on over sweaty hair or to shade the sun while outside.

6. Water Bottle

Every athlete needs a water bottle and there are some very good ones on the market. Water can stay cold for hours/days in recent models, which is super helpful if they are outside for a while.

7. Phone armbands

photo courtesy of unsplash.com

photo courtesy of unsplash.com

A necessity to running is music but no one wants to hold their phone while running so this armband is a super helpful tool for holding the phone for the runner.

8. Tickets

Athletes usually follow other sports teams and there is something about getting to see a game in person rather than on TV. Getting tickets to your significant other’s favorite team’s game would probably make you the best girlfriend/boyfriend ever.