Attention all Muggles: more magical mischief to come in 2018

Hannah Hurst, Staff Writer

Photo Courtsey of Wikimedia commons

Photo Courtsey of Wikimedia commons

Last summer Niantic shook up the mobile app market with Pokemon Go. Next year in 2018, they aim to capture the imagination of an even larger audience with the release of their app Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

We don’t know very much yet, but here is what has been confirmed:

  • On Nov. 8, 2017, Niantic posted that they plan to employ the same augmented reality gaming platform they used for their previous games to lay the foundation for a new app exclusively for J.K. Rowling fans.

  • Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will employ similar game mechanics as both Ingress and Pokemon Go. This means fans can expect their movements in the real world to determine actions and achievements earned in-game. Also, user’s in-game success will depend upon their social network developed with other players.

  • As far as the actual gameplay goes, all Niantic has announced is that “Players will learn spells, explore their real world neighborhoods and cities to discover and fight legendary beasts and team up with others to take down powerful enemies.”

  • Niantic is teaming up with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment along with the development team for WB Games San Francisco in order to hopefully launch their app into the market next year.

Students living on campus at North Greenville University won’t have to travel too far to gain experience in the game. In the Pokemon Go app, NGU’s campus hosted 3 battle gyms and ten PokeStops. If Harry Potter: Wizards Unite uses the same location services as the Pokemon Go app, students should have no problems leveling up quickly. 

Muggles, start studying those spells.