Cats and coffee and cream, oh my

Rebecca Holmes, Staff Writer

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Looking for a new experience in the Greenville area? Go check out this new Organic Cat Café where you can sip your coffee in the company of a fluffy cat.

The Organic Cat Café, is set to open in downtown Greenville on Monday, Nov. 20, 2017.

Jennifer Bronzel and her business partner, Ernesto Cardenas are the proud owners of The Organic Cat Café. It will serve as a café, but also as an adoption center. The Organic Cat Café will also serve as an educational center about cats.

The 23 cats that keep guests company as they sip their coffee are from several local rescue agencies. They are also from people that had to get rid of their pets for some reason.

The Organic Cat Café will have a $10 entrance fee. This includes a free drink, access to the café, and access to all the cats. Guests can decide whether they want to interact with the cats, pet them, play with them or just simply look at them.

The Organic Cat Café is also very focused on promoting overall health for its customers. The cats are there to serves as mental and emotional nourishment, while the food itself serves as physical nourishment. Their menu is almost totally organic and completely vegetarian. There are also several vegan options to choose from as well.

The Organic Cat Café serves pretty standard café food such as sandwiches, paninis, granola, smoothies, juice, tea and espresso drinks. However, because DHEC has such strict rules the kitchen and the service counter are contained separately by two doors.

The Organic Cat Café is looking to become a vital part of the Greenville community; therefore, they have already begun organizing ping pong nights and other fun events. They will also be offering temporary boarding for cats in a separate part of their building.

Check out their menu and what they’re all about by clicking here.