NFL teams' injuries: A league without stars

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Rondo Thompson, Staff Writer

Richard Sherman

Andrew Luck

Deshaun Watson

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Joe Thomas

These are just a few big names from a long list of injured NFL players who will or have missed the 2017 football season. It was an injury-plagued season for almost all 32 NFL teams. For most teams this season, it has been the loss of a star player leaving an open hole not to be filled.

During the first six weeks of the season, five of the NFL's best players have been lost to injury. They were either out for the season or would miss the majority of it. With the loss of some teams' key player(s), it has caused a shuffle of rank in the NFL; teams that were once considered a top tier organization are now at the bottom of the totem pole.

For instance, the loss of superstar wide receiver, Odell Beckham, Jr. from a gruesome ankle injury caused the Giants to go from NFC front-runner, to a struggling team that won't make the playoffs that sits at (2-9).

Week after week as teams try to regather the troops and press forward without their respected leader and super star player, the struggle keeps on coming. No team in the NFL is taking a harder loss than the Greenbay Packers, a team that is seen as a super bowl contender year in and year out. They face a season without star QB Aaron Rodgers; arguably one of the league's best. Behind third year back-up QB Brett Hundley, the "Pack" have struggled at (5-6).

A NFL season without the league's stars has been one to watch. With the resurgence of teams and shuffling of power through the league, the football world is wondering what's next.