Practical Christmas gifts under $20

Adam Kelly, Assistant Editor

Dog lover poses with her pet using the puppy selfie stick.   Source: GadgetFlow

Dog lover poses with her pet using the puppy selfie stick. 

Source: GadgetFlow

For most college students, Christmas is a conflicting holiday. We want to get gifts for our friends, even when the funds aren’t always present. This is why many students end up buying cheap gifts because they’re on a budget. Buying cheap gifts isn’t a problem, but the quality of the gift is.

Here are 10 gifts under $20 that anyone will enjoy. Some may cost more after shipping, but seeing a smile on your friend’s face when they open up one of these fantastic gifts is worth it.

1. LED Cube Clock - $10.99

For anyone interested in the minimalist-style room, this clock is the perfect fit for the bedside table.  

2. 100 Books Scratch-off Poster - $18

This poster displays 100 classic books, including “The Great Gatsby” and “To Kill a Mockingbird.” Once you have read a book, you scratch off the square which reveals iconic artwork from the book. It’s great gift for avid readers.

3. Puppy Selfie Stick - $13

For lovers of dogs and selfies, this selfie stick stands out from all the rest. It has an attachment at the top to fit a tennis ball in, to get your dog’s attention. This gift will let you take the most photogenic selfies with your dog.

4. EasyAcc Portable Charger - $19.99

As a personal user of the item, this charger can be stored in a bag or purse and charge your phone without an outlet. If fully charged, it can charge your phone back to 100 percent up to four times before dying. This is a great gift for any travelers or anyone that frequently goes out.

5. Mini-Travel Iron - $12.99

If you like to look your best, this mini-travel iron can be stored in a bag like the portable charger. It heats up to temperatures similar to a regular-sized iron, so you can easily get the wrinkles out of a shirt or pair of pants while on-the-go.

6. Starburst Single Flavor 1-Pound Bag - $10.16

There is a solution for the people who only like one flavor of a particular candy. On Amazon, you can get a 1-pound bag of your favorite flavor. Now, your friend won’t have to ask you to pick out a particular color from your own stash.

7. Pet Hoodies - $10

If you want your dog to look even more fashionable when using the selfie stick, put a pet hoodie on them. This item can be bought for cats as well, but only purchase it if your pet doesn’t mind wearing clothes.  

8. Wireless Bluetooth Beanie - $8.99

Instead of purchasing AirPods, this beanie allows you to listen to music on-the-go, without having to wear any sort of earpiece. It’s the perfect gift for a winter walk in the park.  

9. Folding Bedside Shelf - $15.99

This item sticks under your mattress and hangs out, allowing users to place items on it such as a book or phone. If there isn't enough room for a nightstand or bedside table, this is the perfect solution. 

10. Bed Prism Glasses - $9.99

Another great gift for the nighttime, these glasses allow you to read a book or look at your phone while lying down. The glasses are helpful for anyone that has limited mobility, and prevent neck cramps and eye strain.