Building project update: What you can expect in spring 2018

Hannah Hurst and Wyatt Duncan, staff writers


Student Life reveals plans for new residence community

In February of 2018, North Greenville University’s student-athletes will receive a new and improved baseball field. But NGU President Gene Fant isn’t stopping there. As the school continues to receive more funds, Fant hopes to build new facilities around the baseball field for all students to enjoy. The key word for this new project, “seamless,” signifies a new type of united community which Fant aims to achieve with these future dorms. The exact layout of these dorms has yet to be revealed, but Jared Thomas, director of Student Life, has expressed that Fant’s goal for this design is to “create a facility that brings together student life, residence life, athletics, and campus ministries.” Construction for these additional modules will begin after the completion of the baseball field.

NGU to install safety devices on doors

On a campus as large as North Greenville’s, security is essential to making things run smoothly. With this in mind, Campus Security and NGU’s faculty and staff are always concerned with improving the quality of safety and security. There are many systems and ways to keep people safe on campus, one of which being a technology called Nightlock. The company makes a line of security barricades that prevent intruders from breaking doors in. The technology is installed into both the floor and the door itself, and a small metal piece connects the two, barring the door from being kicked in. NGU is set to implement this technology in the near future to help keep students and faculty safe from intruders.