How to stay safe on any college campus

Gracie Fletcher, Staff Writer

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Through sport adversity, location differences and tuition costs, one thing that unites all universities and colleges across the nation is the common goal of absolute safety for students.  From over 33,000 enrolled students at the University of South Carolina to the 2,300 attending NGU, safety is priority on the grounds of every single educational facility.  Instilling comfort in the students who walk to class every day will further their trust in their university or college as they obtain a degree. 

Here are three major ways how students are staying safe at their school.

1.     Familiarity with Campus Security

Every campus has a security team of highly trained police officers and K9’s whose specific job is to secure the grounds campus wide and be aware and prepared for every emergency a student could encounter.  Whether it be a weather emergency or danger with another person, campus security remains prepared 24/7.  A part of the tuition payed to the university goes to the Security Office at each individual campus, therefore, students should utilize the security offered and be aware of the location of the security office, the office phone number, emergency phone stations and campus escort services. 

2.     Keep Safety Items on Your Person

While most universities will not allow students to carry guns, there are other items students can keep accessible in order to further their safety while on campus.  This includes precautionary things such as pepper spray or mace.  These sprays can be easily disguised as a key chain so it can be easily accessible in a time of need.  Colleges and universities will also provide their students with whistles to blow if trouble is near and encourage the victims of any situation create as much noise as possible in order to obtain attention and receive help. 

3.     Have No Distractions

If you are walking around on campus whether to class or to meet up with friends, reassure your safety by making sure you are focused on where you are going and not succumbing to distractions around you.  These distractions include looking down at your phone and having your headphones in.  By looking down at your phone, you will not be aware of your immediate surroundings.  When you have your headphones in, you will not be able to audibly be aware of what is going on around you or what is approaching. 

These three basic steps of staying safe will assure a secure atmosphere for your everyday needs while on your campus.