Who You Should Be Watching: Sinner2Saint Productions



From Left: Brady Taylor, Carl Bradshaw, and Daniel Joines. Photo Courtesy of Sinner2Saint Productions

From Left: Brady Taylor, Carl Bradshaw, and Daniel Joines. Photo Courtesy of Sinner2Saint Productions

Through their combination of drone and handheld work, Sinner2Saint Productions conveys the easy fluidity and subtle passion of the two men behind the lens. From the array of polished videos on their Facebook page, it is hard to believe that Sinner2Saint is still in its adolescence. 

Carl Bradshaw and Daniel Joines are both sophomores at NGU, Bradshaw a marketing major and Joines a broadcast media major; with their sights set on pooling their marketing and broadcast educations in order to give their company the best foundation possible.  

A venture born out of Bradshaw conquering a fear of rollercoasters one summer; Sinner2Saint grew out of Bradshaw’s newfound sense of accomplishment. It began as an impulse to draw a logo and buy a drone and turned into a company that uses the fearless pursuit of God’s plan as a filter through which to operate. Originally named Sand2Sea (due to Bradshaw’s coastal roots), the logo featuring a crashing wave remained, and the name Sinner2Saint adopted when Joines stepped into the venture. The wave on the logo now serves as a representation to others (and an important reminder to the team) of God’s endless grace. 


Logo courtesy of Sinner2Saint Productions 

Logo courtesy of Sinner2Saint Productions 

A collaboration that originally stemmed from equipment admiration, Bradshaw and Joines discovered that it was more than just their technological resources that made a good team. “We’re two peas in a pod” said Joines; from shooting to editing their only differences surface when one of them is struck with inspiration and takes over “driving” the production in order to convey his idea. According to Joines, what it really boils down to is that “we both share a common vision."

While a bright future for Sinner2Saint appears on the horizon, the daily reality of being student entrepreneurs remains a hurdle. “It’s definitely been a struggle trying to balance everything…we can’t take on every job that’s offered us”, explains Joines, “We never expected this to be so huge to be honest, I never expected it to be like this..I wanted it to but I really didn’t know”. 

 “We started doing some little gigs for free, just to get our name out there and now we’re doing commercials, weddings, and music videos” Bradshaw explains. Their work will even take them internationally this summer, to Guatemala , to help document the journey of a Hispanic worship team.  

Luckily, the small size and isolated nature of NGU may actually be a help more than a hindrance for Bradshaw and Joines. “The atmosphere of being in the middle of nowhere I think helps us focus more; and being in a Christian environment isn’t a bad thing for an openly Christian production company” said Bradshaw.

Yet despite being an openly Christian company, Bradshaw and Joines see every job, whether in a Christian environment or otherwise, as a witnessing opportunity. “We can’t just stay around the church because it’s Christian… after all Jesus hung out with sinners; because the church isn’t a museum for the righteous, but a hospital for the broken” said Bradshaw. It’s clear that producing quality work isn’t the only priority for Sinner2Saint

Regardless of current obstacles though, it’s obvious that this distinctive collaboration of faith and friendship will continue to make big waves in the production world. To discover what Sinner2Saint is all about check them out on Facebook and Instagram @Sinner2SaintProductions