Seven of the worst National Anthem fails

Jazmyne Boozer, Staff Writer

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I think most will agree that witnessing a hilarious fail is the eighth wonder of the world.

Watching someone start off a skill and utterly collapse in their own humility is one of the funniest things we can witness. It makes us feel better about ourselves but it can also help us relate to the one that failed as we have all failed at one point in our lives. It is no wonder that fail videos always trend.

And there is no greater fail compilation than the National Anthem fails. As if life could not be more stressful, imagine singing in front of a stadium full of people and finding that you cannot hit the right notes or you forget the lyrics. Most will agree that the best thing we can do for them is to perpetuate and continue to talk about their failures. In celebration of National Anthem Day on March 3, here are the top seven worst national anthem fails.

1.)    Christina Aguilera- Who could forget the icon's rendition of the national anthem? Although she has more than recovered now…we can’t help but remember her 2011 Super Bowl fail where lyrics were forgotten then repeated.

2.)    Carl Lewis- Taking it back to the old school days of failures we have Carl Lewis. This poor man thought he could sing…

3.)    Just watch this one until the end...just remember it can always get worse.

4.)    Alexis Normand- May 18th of 2013 will haunt this woman forever. Unfortunately, this woman just freezes for an awkward amount of time.

5.)     Michael Bolton- Yeah...he forgot the words. That never makes for a good song ever; especially the national anthem.

6.)    Roseanne Bar- Of course this one makes the list. Not only was it seen as disrespectful, it was also accompanied by the worst singing ever.

7.)    Ezra Harris- This one tops the list because it leaves you with many questions in your head. Why did they let this man do this to himself? Where were his friends? Is he ok?