North Greenville student to release his third album

Michael Blackwood, Assistant Editor

Image courtesy of Jonathan Tuchez

Image courtesy of Jonathan Tuchez

Music blaring, lights flashing, people singing at the top of their lungs. This is a normal night for senior interdisciplinary studies major Jonathan Tuchez at NGU.

Tuchez is a Hispanic worship recording and touring artist. He is currently working on his third album, which will be his first in English and Spanish.

When Tuchez is not in school, he spends his time touring through the United States, along with countries in Central America, playing the music that he has written.

“I’ve been playing music formally since I was seven,” Tuchez said. “I’ve been writing my own music for five years.”

He said that he felt that a lot of the songs that he was singing in church did not fully express what he was feeling. Each of his albums explore a different aspect of his faith. “The first album, ‘Promeses,’ talks about the promises that God has for our lives, the second, ‘Maravillas,’ is about the great miracles He has done in the past,” Tuchez explained. “Now we’re writing about the power of the Cross.”

One of the tracks on the new album says, “Rise now, everything’s finished, Jesus has overcome the grave.” Tuchez further explained, “So whatever you’re going through, whatever may look dead, it can rise now through the power of the Cross.”

According to Tuchez, his new album draws influences from jazz, gospel, contemporary Christian and electronic music genres. “The music I listen to has expanded my musical abilities and pushed me to be versatile, and I’ve learned how to worship through many genres.”

The album will drop sometime in May. Tuchez plans to follow the release with tour of the southeastern United States and tour of Central America later in the summer.