Humans Of NGU: Allie Strickland loves music and road trips

Grant Moses, Staff Writer

North Greenville sophomore marketing major, Allie Strickland, loves to surround herself with good music and road trips.

“… I love to just ride down back roads and get lost in the music and appreciate the beauty of God's creation.” said Strickland.

Strickland likes to fill the car up with her closest friends and just ride around for hours just listening to music and looking at all the “beautiful back-roads”.  Strickland loves to travel as often as possible to grasp the cultures and ways of living in the United States. “My all time favorite place to travel is Charleston, South Carolina,” stated Strickland. She hopes to relocate in Charleston after graduation in 2019.

Often times, she will just get in her car and just ride around and listen to her favorite Spotify playlist and forget about everything going on. “Music is like therapy for me, I listen to music and it lets me forget about reality for the time being,” Strickland said. Strickland has attended several concerts in the past year, such as NeedToBreathe and Kelsea Ballerini. Strickland hopes to see Chris Stapleton in concert soon. “I love to see my favorite artist in concert it allows me to see their true love for their music” Strickland stated.