Need support? There's an NGU group for that

Meghan Salinas, Staff Writer

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During this time of our lives college students are hit with so many responsibilities.  Professors tell students to study at least two hours for their subject, maintaining a certain GPA and scholarships, while also maintaining somewhat of a social life, oh, and let us not forget that the whole point of going to a university is to prepare us for our future, which is indeed, finding a job after graduation.

How can a college student be expected to juggle all of those responsibilities at once?  Support groups are certainly becoming more and more common on college across the nation.  Steve Bielby, who serves as the Director of Counseling here at North Greenville University, says that, “Support groups offer a safe and confidential place where hope and freeness is found within students.”

There are various support groups on campus dealing with pornography, chronic pain, grief and loss, anxiety and depression and also groups that deal with relationships of any kind.  With groups meeting once a week, Bielby provides a Christ-centered approach to his counseling methods by sharing direct scripture with students pertaining to the issues they may be dealing with, while praying with and for students that come into his office.

To get involved with a support group on campus students could schedule an appointment with Bielby or Sue Suomi by email or walk-in.  Another way to get involved with a support group is to fill out an Intake Form online that can be found on the counseling services page.

Bielby’s office can be found in the Craft/Hemphill center in Lower Room 107 and Suomi’s office can be found in Room 115 in the Tingle Student Center.