Japanese takeout gets an upgrade

Hunter Merck, associate writer

In regular takeout, everything is crammed into the box with all the food touching each other and overlapping. Japanese bento boxes are the next best alternative to clean eating in a takeout option with lots of simple choices. 

Bento is defined as a single portion packed meal common in Japanese culture. It is the best choice for those who don't want sushi with something else. Customers can buy them from Japanese restaurants, or  buy their own box and pack what they want. The boxes are pretty self-explanatory and have been called the best way to get Japanese food. "Bento boxes are a classic Japanese meal that usually consists of a meat, rice and vegetables. For Americans, these dishes and their proportions would look similar to something like a Hungry Man TV dinner. However, bento boxes are far more nutritious and fresh than microwaveable dinners," says Caleb Ecarma, connoisseur of bento boxes. 

Red Bowl Asian Bistro offers a variety of options for their bento boxes. Each box consists of different sections in which you can have all different kids of food. At Red Bowl, the options include meat, sushi, some sort of roll and a rice option. It’s a ton of food crammed into one box.