Humans of NGU: Clay Blackwood


Photo Courtesy of Clay Blackwood

Photo Courtesy of Clay Blackwood

The summer of 2016 was mostly a normal summer for Clay Blackwood, a sophomore music education major at NGU ; however, one week in July, when Blackwood and his friends went on a spontaneous trip to New York City, N.Y., was different.

Blackwood went to Washington D.C. for Together 2016. He and a few of his friends decided to drive the eight hours three days before the concert was to take place. They planned to stay in Baltimore, Maryland and to explore the capitol with the extra days.

“One of my friend’s uncles was selling a house in Baltimore so we slept on air mattresses on the floor; it was sketch.” Blackwood said.

While the group was driving, they saw a sign for New York City, and decided to go.

The following day, Blackwood woke up at 4 a.m. and drove three hours to New York City.

The group of friends parked in the Bronx and spent the day taking the subway to the different burrows of the city. At 11 p.m. he and his friends decided to drive back to Baltimore. 

Blackwood said that trip to New York was the craziest thing he has ever done.

Over the next few days, Blackwood visited Washington D.C. and listened to a lot of Christian bands and pastors, and caught a duck in the reflecting pond before driving back home to Moore, S.C.

Blackwood grew up in Moore, S.C. with his parents, two younger siblings and many animals. He has had dogs, cats, goats, rabbits and ducks. He and his family currently raise chickens for eggs, have multiple dogs and cats and own three horses. 

He also has a pet sugar glider named Flynn. Sugar gliders are small marsupials that resemble flying squirrels. 

When he is home, Blackwood said that he spends his time practicing his music, playing video games and hiking with his family and friends.