Humans of NGU: Linnea Stevens

Jennifer McDonald, Contributing Writer

Swing dancing, coffee, tea, drawing, writing and fashion are only a few of Linnea Stevens’s favorite things.

She is a junior studio art major at North Greenville University and her love of art goes beyond the paintbrush and canvas. “I have a love of history,” Stevens says. “I love exploring what made humanity tick in the past, especially in the everyday person. And I like to explore that through art, entertainment, dancing, music and architecture.” She likes to explore the historical aspects of the everyday person - upper class, middle class and peasants alike – what music they loved, what they did for entertainment and what they did in everyday life.

Stevens’s was exuberant when stating one of her favorite quotes by Alex Jennings which says, “You don’t put yourself into what you write. You find yourself there.” In the same way Stevens applies this to art and explains she loves art so much because when she sees an art piece she brings herself to it and thinks of how people in the past looked at it when it first came out. “I want to know what art made in the past meant then and what it means now, because it helps me understand people in a more intimate way,” she said.

Stevens describes herself as a very associative person because she loves connecting different parts of history is how it all related to each other, like how politics related to fashion, how architecture affected the theater design, how music related to visual art, and how Broadway affected the history of movies. “I love to see how culture influence art and how art influenced culture,” she said. It brings a new perspective and understanding into the world we live in today.