Humans of NGU: Michael Miller, Lord of Games

Lane Koch, Staff Writer

Michael Miller is a Junior Marketing Major here at North Greenville University, but something makes him unique.-- he is a gamer. 

He has always been a gamer--in the truest sense of the word. Live action, computer, video and board games -- Miller does it all.

“I pretty much have always been into games," Miller said. “My parents got me started with a Nintendo 64 with no memory pak and it was downhill from there.” 

His gaming skills have grown considerably since then, reaching the heights of gaming status when he was appointed treasurer of North Greenville’s Gamers of the Round Table—a group of gamers that meet to test new games and challenge each other’s skills. 

“Video Games have always been like an interactive movie to me.," Miller explained. “Like how choose your own adventure books are for readers, video games allow me to live and learn through fictional characters while also growing my hand-eye coordination.”

Miller can most commonly be found in the stud playing Cards against Humanity or on his computer playing League of Legends with other North Greenville Gamers.