Thank your favorite librarian

Hunter Merck, associate writer

Photo by Hunter Merck

Photo by Hunter Merck

Behind the scenes of everything, there are always people that run the show. The library is no different, which is why National Librarians Day is April 3. North Greenville has several phenomenal women who run the library. 

Lisa Hagin is the Technical Services/Archives Assistant in the Hester Memorial Library. She started her position in 2014, but first came to work at North Greenville in 2009 because “the position was open on campus and I wanted to be a part of the North Greenville family because all of my family was here.” 

She started part-time helping as an assistant in the curriculum lab. Now working in the archives, she prepares anything new that comes in to go on the shelves. Then, she sends out updated lists of what the library has so that professors can know what is available. “I’m also working on the chronicle history of NGU which is going to be important soon because it’s almost the 125 year anniversary,” says Hagin. 

Hagin has an associates degree from Fisher College in Medical Assisting. She says there are five siblings in her family, and she has two and a half brothers and zero sisters. “Have fun with that math,” says Hagin.