24 hour prayer event deemed a success

Grace Lotheridge, Staff Writer

Last Tuesday, a truly inspiring event took place in North Greenville's mission control room. A 24-hour prayer event, where students signed up for 30-minute prayer sessions, went through a series of four stations praying for victims and those affected by human trafficking.

When students arrived, they were greeted with a large world map with different times written on different parts of the world. They were instructed to find the time they had signed up for and pray for that area of the world and those suffering from or affected by human trafficking in that area. 

The four stations had stories of victims of human trafficking, had prompts for prayers in specific places and situations and even asked for prayer for the instigaters of human trafficking.

 Freshman Zachary Cooper said, "I thought it was phenomenal! The music, set up and decorations were just right. The atmosphere was perfect; the lighting made it like it was personal being just you and God! God received the glory and He heard the cry of His people."

This event brought awareness to a world wide tragedy that is rarely discussed.  Through this event, many students prayed for the healing of victims, the saving of offenders and peace for all of those affected.