What's on my face?

Adam Kelly, Staff Writer

Pictured above, Jenna Mourey (Marbles) covers her face in rhinestones.

Pictured above, Jenna Mourey (Marbles) covers her face in rhinestones.

When YouTube started in 2005, people flocked to the video sharing website to watch humorous characters and cats falling off tables. Now, it has evolved into a place of inspiration and influence.

A common theme in the world of YouTube is for a particular video to go viral and become a trend, causing other YouTubers to make their own version of the original video. For example, back in 2013, the Harlem Shake blew up everywhere with people posting their own "Harlem Shake" to Facebook and YouTube alike. 

When a trend like this goes viral, everyone craves inclusion and wants to be a part of the very thing everyone is talking about. Right now, the current trend happening right now is the "Full Face of (insert here)." YouTubers are known for their random ideas, and now everyone is covering their faces in items such as rhinestones, gems and googly eyes. 

YouTube sensation, Jenna Mourey (Marbles) has been credited for this trend. On March 23, Mourey posted a video titled "A Full Face of Rhinestones." The video consists of her giving hilarious commentary as she glues rhinestones on her entire face. 

Mourey is the most subscribed female YouTuber with over 17 million subscribers. She has posted videos since 2010 that consist of her ranting over particular subjects and her two dogs that she features in her videos to this day. 

After posting this video, several other YouTubers have followed suit such as Gabbie Hanna, members of Pentatonix, Scott Hoying and Mitch Grassi. For the amount of subscribers Mourey has, she has a huge influence on the YouTube community. She has the power to influence other people to follow what she does and she is succeeds at doing just that. 

Mourey is a perfect example of the influence people of YouTube have on viewers and non-viewers alike. This trend is not recommended to try but it proves to be thoroughly entertaining. Be sure to check out Mourey's channel here, and all the other videos of this movement.