Most popular careers for each NGU college

Michael Blackwood, Assistant Editor

Graphic Courtesy of: Miranda Bradford

Graphic Courtesy of: Miranda Bradford

No matter what people say, everyone is in college for basically the same reason, to get a better job. Everyone wants to be successful, but sometimes it can be hard to find a job or to even decide what it is that you want to do. To help with that, here are a few of the most popular jobs broken down by the departments at NGU.

1. College of Business and Sports Professions

In the College of Business and Sports Professions, there is a lot of diversity. The popular jobs vary by the different majors within the college. Many sports management majors go on to become coaches after college, where as many of business administration and international business majors will find jobs as office mangers or entrepreneurs.

2. College of Christian Studies

The college of Christian Studies only has three majors. Most Christian Studies majors will go on to be pastors or work in some other context within a church. Many of those majoring in Intercultural Studies will become missionaries or work for a missions board, and most Youth Ministry majors will go into youth ministry at a church or camp.

3. College of Communications

Some of the most popular jobs in communications are writers and editors for everything from novels to news for television. Other popular jobs include public relations and newscasting.

4. College of Education

The majority of education majors will become educators, though some may also go into children's ministry or missions.

5. College of Fine Arts

The College of Fine Arts contains a lot of diversity; there are three departments -- art, music and theatre -- and each department has its own majors. Popular jobs for art majors include graphic designers, art managers and photographers. Most students in the music department will be full time musicians, music teachers or work in music ministry at a church. Many theater majors will go on to act or direct.

6. College of Humanities

The College of Humanities is one of the most diverse colleges at NGU. It includes English, foreign languages, history, criminal justice and Interdisciplinary studies majors. Most of these majors are versatile and can be used in multiple capacities such as writers, teachers or law enforcement officials.

7. College of Math and Science

The college of math and science contains majors such as biology, psychology, mathematics, outdoor leadership and health science. Popular jobs for biology majors include things like lab technicians and medical sales representatives, though many decide to go on to graduate school. Math majors can go into fields such as accounting, teaching or engineering. Outdoor Leadership majors often get jobs at camps or in wildlife education. Popular jobs for health science majors include jobs such as nurses, physical therapists and personal trainers.