Greenville gives back HOPE

Meghan Salinas, Staff Writer

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HOPE. Merriam-Webster dictionary defines hope as simply this: to cherish a desire with anticipation or to want something to happen or be true.

On April 10-15 Nathan Brannon, a freshman at NGU, is teaming up with Fairview Baptist Church in Greer to kick off Hope Week. God has given Fairview Baptist the chance to make a phenomenal difference in so many lives across the Greer area in the past and this year Hope Week is going to be bigger and better than ever before. Brannon says, “We want to redefine who Jesus is and how the church should love the community.”

Hope Week is a mission based week where Fairview Baptist partners with local organizations and many others for project opportunities across the area. With over 75 projects across the city and 350 volunteers that are already signed up for the week it is evident to see God’s hand working in this city.

Some of the opportunities for volunteers to get involved in include volunteering at a children’s basketball camp, Hope in Hospitals, Greer Soup Kitchen, Blue Ridge High Landscaping and even a chance to clean up Greer City Park.

Last year an opportunity arose during HOPE week at Blue Ridge High School and volunteers helped with landscaping in Blue Ridge’s own “Love Garden”, which is a memorial for students at Blue Ridge High who are no longer with us anymore.

There are over 75 service projects to volunteer for during the week to be able to share the gospel to many who may have lost hope in Jesus Christ or to the few who may not have heard Jesus’s name before.

How can YOU get involved?

To volunteer for HOPE week click here:

You will be able to see the projects going on throughout the week and will be able to see how YOU can make an impact in the Upstate.