Humans of NGU: Ryker McClure experiencing God's sense of humor


Michael McConnell, Contributing Writer

For Ryker McClure, a senior, inter-disc with Spanish and ASL major, communicating in another language has become a priority that he never foresaw.

As a young child, Ryker was held back in school. At the time this was extremely frustrating for him. However, looking back now, Ryker explained that being held back a year allowed him to study subjects he would otherwise have been unable to study.

In seventh grade, a teacher asked Ryker if he would be interested in learning sign language. Ryker responded by saying that he would “never do sign language a day in his life.” At the time, Ryker did not believe that sign language held any benefit for him, and it certainly did not provide the money that he desired.

At the age of 17, Ryker had a dramatic conversion experience that changed everything. Money was no longer a priority; glorifying God became his sole purpose. Today Ryker is studying Spanish and ASL so that he can communicate with the deaf for ministry purposes. “Never say something isn’t going to happen to you,” Ryker stated. “Because as soon as you do, it’s probably going to happen. The Lord has a sense of humor.”