Read these shocking and weird roommate stories

Sophomore Kailyn Horn and Senior Katie Parris

Sophomore Kailyn Horn and Senior Katie Parris

Adam Kelly, Assitant Editor

Not everyone meets the perfect roommate. When you choose random assignment, you never know what you will get.

Even when you get a great roommate, sometimes you can't escape the suite-mate. Check out these crazy roommate stories told from students across campus.

1. The multi-tasker

“Every time my roommate uses the sink in our room, she washes her feet and her bowls at the same time. She will put her foot in the sink, wash it, and then alternate by washing a bowl afterwards.”

2. The sleep-mover

“My roommate from last year would go to bed early all the time. One night, I came in the dorm and she was already asleep. I decided to go to the gym, but when I came back, she was still asleep, but on the floor, mattress and all. I got my suite-mate to come and see because I had thought there was a problem with the bed frame. The next morning, I asked her what happened and she thought I had pranked her. I was at the gym the entire time, so we figured that she moved her mattress onto the floor in her sleep.”

3. The sleep talker

“I once had a roommate who would have conversations with us in her sleep. We could get her to answer any question and we learned a lot about her life, her family, and her secret crushes.”

4. The unhealthy eater

"I once had a roommate who would eat a full bowl of Oreos in milk every day for breakfast. That semester she became so sick that she was admitted to the hospital. We tried telling her to eat real food, but she never did and was sick for the rest of the semester.”

5. The shower stuffer

"One time, my roommate made beef stew and cleaned her crock pot in the shower. When I went in the bathroom to take a shower, there were tomatoes and carrots in the drain and there ended up being a smell in the bathroom for a few days."

6. The quiet starer

“Our suite-mate would enter my dorm often to talk, which wasn’t an issue. Occasionally though, she would come in while I’m doing homework or when I'm about to fall asleep. She wouldn't say anything, except sit on my roommate's bed and watch me do homework or fall asleep. I would then start a conversation to make it less awkward, because people normally talk when they enter each other's room."