NGU Senior Athlete of the Week

Dominique Richardson 

This week NGU Senior Athlete of the week is Dominque Richardson. Richarson is a 6'1, 255 pds Tight End football player. Richardson is from North Charleston, SC and is majoring in Criminal Justice. As football season is a pond us, Richardson hopes to become to big tribute this year on the field as it will be his second and last season playing here at NGU. Due to Richardson breaking his kneecap completely his sophomore and junior year he was not able to play last season and the season before. Richardson understands that this season is very important to him and other seniors who are apart of the NGU football team. Richardson also explains about how hard it was to deal with such an injury like this during his college career. He said that Mentally. Physically and Emotionally It was not something easy for him to overcome this hurtle in life but he did understand being a man, of Christ that everything the Lord does is for a reason and he would never leave you stranded. For the Lord always has a plan it's just up to us to trust his processes. 

Due to Richarson being such a loving kind young man, many of NGU peers spoke very highly about him. They spoke about how positive Richardson was when dealing with such a tough time but how he is also the same positive, loving and genuine young man everyday even after the toughest time in his career. Students said that his smiled lighten up the room and his love and hugs would just make your day. Richarson is someone on campus that truly makes a difference in many others lives. Richardson knows that this season will not be easy but it will be worth fighting for as they work their way back onto the field and as a team to the finals. 

A fun fact about Richardson is that even though he is looking to make a difference in the Criminal Justice field he is really interested into becoming a Pilot and fly many people all over the world. He changed his mind as he was a sophomore here at NGU and has decided after he graduates to peruse his dream. We thank Richarson for being apart of our NGU athletic family and we wish him the best in his future. 

By: Briana Mann