Swords up! North Greenville's new sports app

 Photo courtesy of Travis WIllmann. 

Photo courtesy of Travis WIllmann. 

Travis Willmann, Staff Writer

 North Greenville unveiled a new sports app called Swords Up this fall to help students keep up with sporting events and earn points towards prizes. I had the chance to download the app and see how it works and give a personal review on the app.  And the best part? It is free.

The app allows students to earn points when they check into a sporting event. The student with the most points at the end of the school year will win a prize. Each sporting event has a certain number of points that will be awarded when the student checks into the event.

The first section a student will encounter when using the app is the events tab. The events tab will show all upcoming sporting events that occur at North Greenville University. The events tab will also show where on campus the game will be taking place and how many points you will earn when you check into the event. This is also where a student can check into the event. You can do this by clicking on the event you are attending and then click the box that says, “Check in to this Event." This will award you the point total that the event is worth.

The second tab a student will encounter is the rewards tab. This tab will show you how many points you have earned and what place you are in overall.

The third tab “Account” is designed so you can change account settings and if someone recommended the app to you, you can give them free points.

The fourth tab “Streaming” is a link to North Greenville’s live YouTube page where their home games are streamed live. This is very helpful when you are doing homework and cannot make it to the big football game. You can catch all the action at home.

The fifth tab “Social” connects you to the "North Greenville Athletics’’ twitter feed, where scores are posted and updates about upcoming games are posted.

The sixth tab “News” allows you to find anything and everything about North Greenville Athletics. From recruiting to schedules, the News tab has everything you need to know about North Greenville Athletics. From here, students can find out about their favorite sports that are happening at North Greenville University.

Overall, the app is nicely designed and the functionally always seems to work. It is nice to have an app that is designed specifically for sports at North Greenville University. I believe that this app will help students stay connected to their university and feel more connected to the sports program here at North Greenville. The app can be found in the App Store or the Google Play store for free.