Humans of NGU: Miriam Sundell and everyday missions

Ashlynn Mullis, Contributing Writer

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NGU student Miriam Sundell's greatest influence has been the sights of the 14 other countries that she has been able to travel to. Out of those 14, three of them she had the opportunity to live in.

She was able to fall in love with missionary work, just as her parents influenced her to do so. Sundell is an intercultural major and after college she plans to get involved in any way possible to start sharing the gospel.

Believe it or not, on top of Sundell’s goals in life she finds time to play college golf. She uses this experience to spread the gospel just as she hopes to do for her career. Through her journey, she was able to find a way to get a year ahead in school, so Sundell will be ultimately graduating next year.

As diverse as Sundell is, her hobbies include but are not limited to golf, coloring, playing guitar, reading, hiking, and anything involving art. Her favorite language came from her experiences in Asia, which is Tibetan.

Like many others, Sundell's first concern after graduation is to try and pay off her debt as soon as possible, she said.   She said she enjoys the fact that NGU is a Christ centered environment. Like many here, she greatly appreciates how much the professors go out of their way to invest in the students. Sundell said she feels like she has been very blessed under her department through the instructors she has. She wouldn’t want to spend her college career anywhere else. She is very grateful for the experiences she’s had and the ones that are to come.