Humans of NGU: Nick Boggs


Adam Kelly, Assistant Editor

College is a time to pursue your passions and make your dreams a reality. Students at North Greenville University are no different. For Nick Boggs, freshman health science major, playing the piano has impacted his life more than he ever thought it would. 

From Spartanburg, S.C., Boggs started taking piano lessons at the age of five. As he got older, he began to lose interest in piano. It wasn't until 8th grade when he took the instrument up again and realized this was something he wanted to invest in. 

Boggs took lessons again and learned to play the piano by ear, unlike most students. At the same time, he began taking voice lessons from Robert Hoefer, whom he considers the best voice teacher he's ever had. 

Boggs said, "He was very eccentric. He really wanted people to succeed in their vocal abilities. He even got me a few gigs, and overall, helped grow my confidence as a singer." 

He is currently taking production lessons, learning how to cultivate and improve his song-writing. With only a piano and a voice, Boggs channels his emotions and life experiences through his music. 

"Usually, I wrote about something that I have gone through, whether it was a trial or struggle. Then I write about how I resolve the struggle or how I wish to resolve it. We all go through different situations, and sometimes those situations lead to creative ways of coping. That's kind of what my songwriting is." 

Only a freshman, Boggs is excited to spend his next three years at North Greenville University and pursue his passion of music.