Breaking down "Breaking Bread"

Mary Mahan, Staff Writer

Source: NGU TV  Title sequence created by Clayton Caldwell

Source: NGU TV

Title sequence created by Clayton Caldwell

North Greenville’s television team, Vision TV, has talked about starting a video segment concentrating on cooking for some time, but senior broadcast media major, Gaspar Mendez (pictured below, on right) took it upon himself to make this idea a reality with a new video series called, Breaking Bread.

Mendez said that it was a bit like walking into unknown territory; it was a hard decision to make because he hadn’t done anything like it before. He spent the summer thinking about where he could take this cooking video idea. He said, “I prayed about [it] day and night, then one day the Lord answered my prayer.”

Source: NGU TV  Bethany Lipscomb and Gaspar Mendez make horchata.

Source: NGU TV

Bethany Lipscomb and Gaspar Mendez make horchata.

Although the opening title sequence might elude to it being a play on words of the popular TV show, Breaking Bad, Mendez’s reason for naming the show hits harder to home. He and his godfather used to get together, eat good food, talk about life and what God was doing for them at the moment. Whenever they would plan these get-togethers, his godfather would say, “Let me know when you can break some bread.” Mendez also gives recognition to the original breaker of bread, Jesus Christ with this video series title.

It’s hard to go on the internet without scrolling past and/or clicking on an enticing, short cooking video. Made popular by Buzzfeed’s, Tasty, these cooking videos have taken social media by storm. There’s something about watching someone execute a recipe flawlessly in just a few minutes that sparks the interests of all ages. Some videos focus on outlandish recipes like churro ice cream bowls, while some show simpler recipes like how to perfect Grandma’s chocolate chip cookie.

Breaking Bread is more focused on recipes that students could possibly make in the confines of their dorm room sand recipes that come from different cultures around the world. Since uploading his first video on Sept. 13, 2017, with Bethany Lipscomb, there has been one video for each topic.

On September 13, a video was uploaded on how to make horchata, an authentic Spanish drink, and the latest video that was uploaded last Wednesday displayed how to make grilled cheese in a dorm. 'Breaking Bread' is attempting to both educate students about other cultures and teach them skills to make them more independent.

Mendez has plans to upload each week so, make sure to keep up with 'Breaking Bread' on NGU’s Vision Media page on Facebook.