NGU senior athlete of the week

Briana Mann, Staff writer

As we all participate in many activities on campus, whether it be in and out of the classroom or even on and off the court or field; we all dedicate our time to being a part of our North Greenville campus and family.

This week, NGU senior athlete of the week, Ashton Heard, is a special young man who has been fighting hard from a last season injury and has been pushing to achieve the role of being a student athlete.

Coming back into this year due to his injury last season, this young man thought that last year was going to be the end of his career. But he was wrong. 

While hurt, he had been fighting hard in the classroom in order to be able to graduate on time. What he didn’t know was that in all the hard work, God decided to bless him with something even better.

Before leaving last year, this young man was told that he had the opportunity to come back as a super senior and be North Greenville's running back again one last time. Also, he was able to finish up and graduate in December. 

Ashton Heard is from Abbeville, SC where he finished playing his last year of football at Abbeville, High School before signing and becoming a part of the NGU Crusader family. Heard was, as everyone on campus including his teammates call him, Red Shirted his freshman year as he came in. 

During the year of 2014 and 2016, Heard has played in 28 games, collected over 373 rushes for 768,192 and 151 yards per rush. Finishing off with a total of nine touchdowns his career so far; Heard has received NGU Football Player of the Year and NCCAA First Team All American. 

As Heard came back this year as a super senior, he fought hard to get back on the field and become the North Greenville running back that we all knew him as during his previous years. 

On Sept. 23, against Limestone University, star running back Traci Scott went down in the first quarter and Heard had to step in. This was his big chance. As the ball was snapped going into the second quarter, Heard gained the ball and ran for a 40-yard touchdown and gave the Crusaders their first six points of the game Saturday night.

Heard is regarded highly by trainers and coaches. Heard is a super senior who has shown motivation, determination and hard work. He is a young man who will make it far in life because he knows how to put his mind to what he needs to do or wants to do in his career and life. For that, the Vision Online names you, Ashton Heard, senior of the week.