10 reasons to follow Vision Media

Adam Kelly, Animation Curator 


The mass communication department has four areas students can get involved in: online, radio, TV and magazine. This year, the department is rebranding, combining these sections into one. The new name for it is Vision Media. Here are 10 reasons why you should follow the new page. 

1. You can support fellow students in their career endeavors. 

Students are paving the way to their future careers by being active in the mass communication department. By participating in the broadcast, online, radio or through magazine, students are adding to their portfolios and followers can support them along the way. 

2. Stay up to date on what's happening in the mass communication department. 

From drone classes to mass communication parties, the department is never quiet. There is always something going on, and followers can stay up to date with all of the events by following the page. 

3. Stay up to date on what's happening at North Greenville University. 

President Fant joined the faculty to play dodgeball versus NGU's athletes at the Pepsi shootout on Aug. 9. Vision Media has that covered. The mass communication department covers everything happening on campus as well. 

4. Vision Media is by students, for students. 

The news broadcast, magazine, online articles, and radio shows are run by students. Junior Harley Watkins discusses pop culture like the Oscars and upcoming concerts. Students produce the content other students see, so they can cover news students want to see.

5. Students show what's important, interesting and relevant. 

6. Students cover news from around the world, not just what's happening on campus. 

From the conflict in Syria to the Las Vegas shooting, Vision Media covers news across the nation and world. Students cover everything going on around the world, not just what's happening on campus. 

7. Keep up with all of the new content being made this year by tv, online, radio and magazine. 

A cooking show called Breaking Bread and a quick news segment called the Monday Minute are only a few of the new ideas Vision Media is producing this year. 

8. Be able to give your input on what kind of content you want to see from Vision Media

Followers can even give input on new segments they would like to see by commenting on Vision Media's posts that go out every week. 

9. To help share Vision Media's content posted every week and expand our audience. 

Vision Media continues to gain views on their posts and videos thanks to followers sharing content. Videos are shared to people across the country expanding our audience. 

10. Be able to witness the convergence happening with Vision Media

This is the mass communication department's first time bringing all medias together. Watch as they all integrate and work together through online, magazine, radio, and broadcast.