Humans of NGU: Davis Lisk

Connor Boulet, Staff Writer

Davis Lisk in the Hester Memorial Library

Davis Lisk in the Hester Memorial Library

Davis Lisk, an ambitious English major eager to experiment, admitted to falling into emotional pitfalls when facing large-scale change in his life.

“Well, I mean, in middle school, I didn’t have a lot of friends,” Davis relayed, his voice wavering. “It was kind of lonely.”

In college, Davis tackles a foreign environment far from the reach of his family and friends.

“Most of my friends are in high school, so I really didn’t know anyone,” Davis admitted. “So, having to stay here was just really bad. I’ve never moved before.”

With his roommate often pre-occupied, Davis explained that living on his own is a bit of an adjustment.

“It used to be really lonely at first,” Davis said. “My roommate commutes from home since it’s really close by.”

Davis said his challenges in adjusting to college life likely originate from a lack of experience with change in his life at home.

“I’ve never moved before,” Davis asserted firmly. “Well, I moved from my room to my brother’s room, but…" he laughed.

Despite these challenges, Davis remains vigilant. He has enjoyed engaging with the North Greenville community, a far-cry from the isolation he endured during middle school.

“I’ve enjoyed just meeting new people,” Davis smiled.

Additionally, Davis thoroughly immerses himself in college life. He recently auditioned for the North Greenville University School of Theatre’s production of “The Importance of Being Earnest” and a spot on the campus improv team “Required Chaos." In his spare time, Davis enjoys writing stories, his primary motivation for majoring in English.

“I love writing stories. . . I think writing stories is definitely the chief reason I’m in English,” Davis expressed.

Growing up, Davis assisted his father in athletic-based ministry work. His father frequently travels to various locations to spread the Gospel and Davis often accompanied him. Although a self-described introvert, Davis persists in walking with God throughout his life.

Victory Sports is a sports ministry, so I’ve helped with that,” he said, pointing to his T-shirt.

His shared ventures with his father likely inspired Davis’ love of linguistics, his predominant interest.

“I like linguistics. They’re kind of the same way [as writing], but there are a lot of different ways you can look at it,” Davis affirmed.

Davis took the time to relate his first experiences with his dorm room: “It’s been pretty good. I’ve been in dorm rooms before, so I’m kind of used to it.”

Davis inspires confidence for all incoming freshmen. The first days of college are a roller coaster ride of ups and downs that many students have difficulty adjusting to. Oftentimes, the frantic pace of the new environment can shatter the spirits of those hoping to assimilate. Davis, however, has embraced the differences of his new surroundings and to this day, remains open to trying whatever extracurricular activity perks his interests. His positive experience at North Greenville University as an introvert can help nurture those unsure about soaking their feet in uncharted waters.