Free helpful software for college students

Corley Wood, Staff Writer 

College students are always looking for new software to get what they need done.  It’s even better when they don’t have to pay a lot of money for it. Here are six different free softwares for you.



For editing those long papers, Grammarly is extremely helpful in that tedious process. There is a premium version that includes plagiarism check, vocabulary enhancement and professional proofreading. I personally choose to stick with the free version, I feel like it works just as well.   



This program provides a way to digitally take and organize notes. I find it helpful to have all of my notes digitally so I don’t have to decipher what I thought were my clearly written notes. 



Spotify provides all the music you can imagine from your favorite soundtracks to nature sounds. It also has many pre-made playlists that you can browse and choose from, depending on how you feel. I absolutely love Spotify and use it every day. The only down side is you have seven skips per hour (which sounds like a good bit but really isn’t). They do have a deal for students that gives you Spotify premium at a discounted rate and includes a Hulu account. 



GIMP is a program that lets you edit pictures, create artwork and design graphics. This looks intriguing with its many different functions. I’m excited to use it more. 



Audacity is a free audio program that can be used for editing. This software was recommended to me by my Media Tech professor for upcoming projects in the class. 



OpenOffice has all of the benefits of Microsoft office without the price tag. OpenOffice has Writer, Calc, Impress, Draw, Base and Math.  I was personally recommended this program by one of my professors.

These are some helpful and easy to use programs that I’ve found in my limited college experience. I hope these will be helpful to you. 

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