Humans of NGU: Logan Childs

Vivian Wortkoetter, Staff Writer

Picture credit: RingoFire Digital

Picture credit: RingoFire Digital

Logan Childs took interest in photography at a young age and has flourished in it ever since.

He got his first camera in high school and would take trips by himself up to the mountains to experiment with it. The Blue Ridge Parkway was, and still is, his favorite destination to shoot landscape photography. Over the past few years he has discovered the gift that God gave him in videography as well.

While he was still in high school, a digital marketing agency found some of his pictures posted on social media and they reached out to him. They interviewed him and hired him on the spot. With that job, he gained so much experience in the business world, social media world, and the world of human interest. With his knowledge in the field and reliance on the Lord, he grew to be very successful in all that he seemed to do.

A few years later, his skills surpassed the agency, and he became a freelancer. He now has recently created his own business brand and also works some with Jeremiah Drummond and his photography business. Logan mostly videos weddings, promotes company brands, and directs web shows all while having fun producing professional landscape photos.

He is currently a full-time sophomore and is studying Digital Media here at NGU. He feels the Lord calling him into full-time videography while traveling the world and becoming a brand ambassador for various companies. Logan has and continues to share the gospel while doing it—witnessing to those he works for and spreads the light of Christ to people around him.