Crusader’s childhood Halloween costumes

Meghan Salinas, Life Style/BuzzFeed Section Editor

October 31 is the day that you can be anything or anyone you want to be. Literally. Whether your plan for this Halloween is to cuddle up in your dorm drinking hot apple cider while eating a bucket load of candy, or to dress up like your favorite celebrity or character, there’s always something to do. Let’s take a stroll down on memory lane and see the childhood Halloween costumes that North Greenville University students dressed up as.

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Angel Kelly, a freshman music education major, rocked the blue and black mask as she dressed up like she was going to a masquerade ball.

photo courtesy: Angel Kelly

photo courtesy: Angel Kelly

Freshman, Kenzie Swearigen, dressed up as a genie as she rocked a pink dress.

mckenzie swearigan.jpg

Junior, education major, Ariana Strickland, sent a gallery of her previous childhood costumes. She also reminisced about always going to pick out her annual costume around this time of the month with her mom and two adopted brothers.


Gallery courtesy of Ariana Strickland

What are your Halloween plans? If you don’t have any, come on down to the STUD field where Residence Life will be hosting a Halloween trunk or treat on the lawn. Students can reserve tables to pass out candy to the community and open dorms will follow.