Your college football update for week 8

Whitley Bras, Staff Writer

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This season for college football has been a roller coaster of incredible wins and stunning loses. This past weekend was the eighth week of play as most teams played on Saturday, Oct. 20. The top five teams this year that are in prospect of winning the National Championship title, which the University of Alabama currently holds, include Alabama (8-0), Clemson (7-0), Notre Dame (7-0), Louisiana State University (LSU) (7-1) and Michigan (7-1). A majority of the Division I college football has been extremely unpredictable as far as who will rise and make a name for themselves this year. Listed below are some of the big games from week eight of play in college football.

Alabama has been a powerhouse team for the past few seasons especially with a National Championship title under their belt and they continue to show their strength well into the season. This past weekend they played the University of Tennessee and were able to gain a substantial victory with a 58-21 win that keeps them as a steady contender at the top of the rankings list. Tennessee has a record of 3-4 for the season and Alabama is undefeated with an 8-0 record. The University of Alabama is showing to be an unstoppable force in the lineup for the 2018 season.

Michigan and Michigan State also played this weekend. Michigan has shown to be a strong team this season in their conference and currently holds a 7-1 record, whereas Michigan State has a record of 4-3 and hasn’t shown to be as consistent with wins this season. When these two teams played this weekend, the score ended with a 21-7 victory for Michigan over Michigan State. Michigan remains as one of the top teams in the country.

Louisiana State University also known as LSU played Mississippi State this weekend. LSU currently has a 7-1 record and is proving to showcase their power this season. They are currently ranked fourth in the nation. Mississippi State has a current record of 4-3 and is below the top 25 teams in the rankings list. LSU was able to come out with a 19-3 win over Mississippi State, but the score was tight and showed that even though LSU is considered top in the nation at the moment they still experienced some competition, which was possibly unforeseen. College football fans should keep both of these teams on their radars.

Washington State and Oregon were also matched up for the weekend. Washington State is ranked fourteenth in the nation and has a 6-1 record. Oregon has a 5-2 record and is ranked nineteenth in the country. Their game on October 20 showed that Washington State was the most equipped team as they were able to gain a 34-20 win over Oregon.

Clemson University is ranked second in the nation and is a big competition for the season, with several National Championship wins. Their record is 7-0 so they are undefeated right under University of Alabama. Clemson played NC State this past weekend. They are ranked in at twenty-second in the country and have an overall record of 5-1. The Saturday match saw Clemson come out with a huge win of 41-7 against NC State.

Overall, this past weekend fans saw a lot of interesting and much anticipated team match ups. Keep a look out for the top teams as they continue to push to the end of the season and compete for the title of National Champion.