Humans of NGU: Cory Williams


Cory Williams, criminal justice student at NGU.

Cory Williams, criminal justice student at NGU.

There are many students at North Greenville University that had a rough start to figuring out what they wanted to do in their future. Cory Williams was one of those students. As he was deciding on what major to choose, he had to find what God was calling him to do. That calling was to become involved in law enforcement.

Williams chose to come to NGU because of its Christian environment and because of its small size. During his sophomore year at NGU, he declared a major in criminal justice. Since that time, he has made many memories and has had “wonderful experiences with some of the professors” in the criminal justice department.

Growing up, Williams had family members that were a part of law enforcement and he enjoyed hearing the stories they had to tell. Seeing those family members in their jobs gave him a desire to want to be just like them. He believes that being in law enforcement, he can serve his community and give back to the community he lives in.

Williams’ goal after graduation is to start off at a local police department in order to gain experience. He would also like to work for the K-9 unit at the local department. His ultimate goal is to work for SLED which is the State Law Enforcement Department because they are the most prestigious department in South Carolina. His ideal job would a K-9 handler or an instructor position at an academy or training center. “Ever since I wrote an essay on K-9 units, I have wanted to work within that field,” Williams said.

Williams would like to become a police officer in order to show society that there are some officers that are doing their job to truly help others. “Unfortunately, police are looked down upon in today’s society.”

He hopes to change the stigma around police officers that they are biased at their job. With many news stories about police officers who have allegedly killed many citizens, society’s view of police officers is turning sour. William explained, “My goal is to do my job the best I can and hopefully show others that the majority of police are out there trying to help others as best they can.”