Humans of NGU: John Cole Floyd


John Cole Floyd takes a break from studying in his ENO hammock.

John Cole Floyd takes a break from studying in his ENO hammock.

If you are feeling the need to meet some interesting people at North Greenville University one person that you may want to begin with is John Cole Floyd, more casually known as Cole. Floyd is an outstanding student at NGU with some common aspirations shared by others but with a not so familiar acquirement of those big dreams he hopes to achieve after leaving NGU.

Floyd grew up in a household with three sisters, his hardworking father, a local physician and a mother who stayed at home to provide them with a solid education. Naturally, because his father was a practicing physician, everyone told him as a child that he should become a doctor. Even as a child though he felt led to something else. He contemplated going into the marines at a young age but realized that he attained a business mindset. Floyd said “I would do anything to make a dollar, selling stuff on eBay, mowing lawns, whatever I could do.”

His ideas of going into business came mainly from those whom he worked for doing odd and end jobs telling him that he would fare well in an entrepreneurial field. The teachers he had though in his home school association picked up on his quick advancements in mathematics and saw something different in store for his future career path.

All the way to his junior year in high school, Floyd still had the aspirations to do something related to business. He was challenged though by an accounting professor at his local technical school in Beaufort, S.C. who asked him what he was doing in business when he should be doing accounting. Ironically, the professor’s comment appeared to be an answer to prayer. Floyd said “I started praying for guidance the week my professor told me what I should be doing.”

Floyd confirmed that he is satisfied with what he is studying and that he will more than likely continue to be satisfied with his chosen path. He believes that accounting is a platform that will allow for an open door into several different industries, guaranteeing a job somewhere doing something he loves.