Humans of NGU: Julia Devine


Julia Devine shows off her military I.D.

Julia Devine shows off her military I.D.

North Greenville University junior criminal justice student Julia Devine is not your average college student. There is something different about what makes her unique. That would be that she is a military kid, also know as an “army brat.”

Devine’s dad, Pat Devine, is an Army Chaplin and is currently deployed, this is his third time being deployed.

Devine said, “Life would be boring if it wasn’t for being a military kid.” Devine is 20 years old, and in those 20 year she has moved a total of 16 times, currently Devine’s family resides in Colorado Spring, Colorado. Devine said that being a military kid “Is part of my personality.”

Asked in an interview, what is the best things about being a military kid, naturally her response was “Military discounts.” Devine said, “[she] Loves the military discount as a college student.” As any college student know, cheaper is always better, so to be able to get military discount on things like: movie tickets, amusement park tickets and concerts.

Devine was also asked what is the hardest part of being a military kid? She responsed, “Communication.” Devine family is currently spread across the country and around the world, with her brother and mother in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Devine, herself, living here in Tigerville, S.C. and her father on the other side of the world, and all in different time zone. She explained, “Communication is not all ways easy, but is it important.”