Humans of NGU: Katelyn Parks


Katelyn Parks poses in her dorm.

Katelyn Parks poses in her dorm.

You can often find Katelyn Parks, junior psychology major, sitting in the library with her head in a psychology textbook or doing homework for her classes. For Parks, her education here at North Greenville University has added more than knowledge to her life but a passion.

She entered college, like most freshmen, unsure of what she wanted to do. It was not until her sophomore year that she decided to try psychology. When she first began taking psychology classes, she found herself frustrated and stressed. Parks then realized that college was hard work and tried to discover ways to help her find her passion.

However, as the months went by, she began to find her passion in the world of psychology. This passion came when she began to apply the things she was learning in the classroom to real life scenarios outside of the classroom. This new way of thinking also helped Parks to realize that everyone one is a person, no matter how much they may be struggling in life.

Building relationships with her professors outside of the classroom also helped in discovering her passion for psychology. They were able to offer her new insight outside of the classroom. Katelyn Parks said, “I am super appreciative of the way [my professors] changed my thinking.”

This new passion for psychology has also led Parks to begin shaping her future career, a career that she is excited to embark on. This semester, she was given the opportunity to work as an intern with a recovery group at Brushy Creek Baptist Church. This internship has offered her many new experiences that she has been able to learn from.

After graduation, she also plans to attend graduate school to study addiction and recovery and become a counselor helping those who have struggled with addiction.