Humans of NGU: Molly Wojciechowski


Molly Wojciechowski, sophomore at NGU.

Molly Wojciechowski, sophomore at NGU.

Molly Wojciechowski, came to NGU as an early graduate of her high school. North Greenville University wasn’t her first choice, as a student having to pay for her own education. Eventually she wants to get into the New York State Troopers Academy, but for now, she will further her education at NGU. Wojciechowski was planning on going to Bob Jones University but then decided to change and attend North Greenville.

Wojciechowski grew up in the mountains of Roxbury, New York, her parents are both officers. Her mom is a guard in a prison, so Wojciechowski has grown up around police work. From the beginning, Wojciechowski knew that she was interested in studying Criminal Justice, she never doubted that it was something she wanted to do.

“Criminal Justice was what I always wanted to study, with both of my parents being officers I guess it just got passed down to me,” said Wojciechowski.

Wojciechowski likes the law part of her major, “I enjoy law and how they differ between all states.”

This upcoming year Wojciechowski hopes to get into the New York State Troopers Academy in New York and further her training in law enforcement. From the beginning Wojciechowski knew that law enforcement was what she wanted to do. It does help out that her parents are officers, so they are able to point her in the right direction. When asked if there was a second choice of something to study, she said, “Criminal Justice was always my first choice, I never really thought of studying anything else.”

After graduation Wojciechowski wants to work as an officer in New York State or in the California State police depending on what works out. For now, she will finish out her sophomore year here and hopefully get into the Troopers Academy.