Humans of NGU: Lydia Rodgers


Lydia Rodgers reviews her schedule sitting at her desk.

Lydia Rodgers reviews her schedule sitting at her desk.

Lydia Rodgers is one human of North Greenville University that you should know. She works as the secretary of the College of Communication. Loved by many, Rodgers always continues to radiate sunshine to all who meet her.

Born and raised in Greenville, S.C. Growing up, Rodgers found her passion for art by drawing on toilet paper. She continued that love of art by coming to NGU and studying visual arts and then finishing school with her Master of Fine Arts at The Savannah College of Art and Design. Rodgers discovered her love of sculpture when she realized that she could take her drawings off the page into a 3-D form.

Faith, family, friends and food are what Rodgers loves. She loves getting to know and love people with her bubbly personality. Her faith shows up in all aspects of life. How she treats people with love and genuine respect; she always tries to learn everybody's names that she meets. Rodgers said, “God is the greatest artist.” Rodgers sees God’s art in people and in nature. She loves to see his work while hiking with a view, kayaking, horseback riding and setting up a hammock somewhere beautiful enjoying what God has created. She loves hearing people's stories and seeing how God has and is working in their lives.

Rodgers is always trying to learn something from conversation and books, then applies those lessons to her life and shares her wisdom with others. One of her many passions in life is to make people smile, Rodgers has this charming personality that is contagious.

This campus is full of amazing faculty and students with some crazy stories and wisdom that we can all learn from. Make sure you really make an effort to get to know people and their stories, you might learn something and get a new friend.