NGU Swing Club: Behind the scenes

Taylor Loughry, Staff Writer

A new swing dancing club at North Greenville University was recently formed on Sept. 12 by sophomore, Seth King, and he is excited for what is already happening in the present with this club as well as how it will grow in the future. This club combines a comfortable learning atmosphere, friends, fellowship and obviously lots of swing dancing fun.

I interviewed Seth King as a way to learn about the behind-the-scenes of the club, what is happening during club meetings and what is to possibly come in the future for the NGU Swing Dancing Club.

I asked Seth King what inspired him to create the NGU Swing Dancing Club, and he said, “It was mainly the interest of the students. I knew that there was already a dancing culture at NGU and such an interest that was already present.”

As of right now, there are between 35 to 40 members, and King told me that it was fairly easy to get people to join right away because of the interest that was already there from NGU students who love swing dancing. His plan for future growth is to “just spread the word.”

During the interview, I asked King what a typical Monday night club meeting consisted of, and he said, “We have about an hour of classes for beginners from seven to eight, and we gradually move up in difficulty each time. Then, we have open dancing from eight to 10 where we can teach new people, work on more advanced parts of swing dancing, and we just have fun. We also teach swing dance etiquette which include certain rules and specific cues.”

When asking King what plans he had for the future with his club, he explained, “I would like to slowly grow more interest with more people that don’t even know what swing dancing is to get more people involved.”

After interviewing King, President of the NGU Swing Dancing Club, I wanted to get input from someone who just joined the club for some fun: Junior, Seth Parrish, who happens to be the Vice President of the club as well.

I asked Parrish what his duties were as VP, and his roles include mainly organizing off-campus dance meetings and events for the club and simply assisting King with whatever else is needed.

I asked Parrish what his favorite part about the club is and he explained, “I just love how a bunch of kids who like to dance can come together. It’s a good exercise and social outlet, and it is really laid back and relaxed. There is not a lot of pressure because swing dancing is welcoming and beginner friendly.”

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, go check out the NGU Swing Dancing Club. From seven to eight, there are swing dancing lessons, and from eight to 10, there is just dancing fun. Also, King informed me that they are beginning a Bible Study every other Sunday night at 7 p.m. upstairs in the General Store. This is a great way to fellowship and get involved.