Name that Royal baby

Meghan Salinas, LifeStyle/BuzzFeed Section Editor

photo courtesy: pixabay

photo courtesy: pixabay

A Baby Awaits for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Not long after the royal wedding with vows exchanged in May of 2018, many news stations were buzzing about the news of Markle’s recent pregnancy news. Although Markle has to abide by the royal protocol which states that the baby shower will not be allowed, the public is buzzing about name possibilities for this baby soon to become royal.

Will these names follow tradition or will the name be modern?

“Undoubtedly the baby’s name will reflect the couple’s beliefs and will stylishly blend centuries of royal history with Meghan’s modern American heritage," according to

Let’s see what North Greenville University students have to say about the pregnancy announcement and see what they believe should be the name for this soon to be royal baby.

Junior, secondary education major, Erin Roof, was quick to answer this question. “I believe that the names Elizabeth or Edward were already royal names to begin with. These names are traditional and beautiful at the same time.”

Freshman, psychology major, Caitlyn Foster, believes that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will choose a rather “modern and edgy” name similar to what stated. “I believe that Ivy or Ava would be beautiful royal baby names for girls with Tucker, Franklin and James as boys names.”

Freshman, health science major, Raegan Wilson is firm in her belief that the royal couple will be having a boy named Herald. The name Herald actually means, “army leader or army leader, what’s more royal than that?” says Wilson.

While other students were talking about more traditional names that are royal themselves like Diana named after Princess Diana of Wales.

Freshman, psychology major, Melisa Mason said, “It would be so special if the royal baby was named Mia, it would be like the Princess Diaries movies. Aw, that would be so precious.”

So what are your thoughts North Greenville University? Do you believe that the royal baby name will follow tradition or do you believe it will be modern?