NGU Alumni: Where are they now?

Ariona Imel, Staff Writer

Photo Courtesy of Will Paul McDonald

Photo Courtesy of Will Paul McDonald

Will Paul McDonald is an alumnus of North Greenville University. While his time at North Greenville he studied, studio art with an emphasis in photography.
”Going through my senior seminar class, I was inspired and challenged by my teachers and classmates on a deeper level,” said McDonald. This was one of his best memories while attending North Greenville University.

McDonald says, “I chose North Greenville because it was close to home and I couldn’t have done it without my family.”
He pursued his major here and also had a minor at one point, “I pursued a business minor for the first two years then dropped it because accounting was not my forte,” explains McDonald.

When what he would’ve changed or done better, this was McDonalds response, “Looking back I would have made more of an effort to know people better. I had a lot of surface relationships and nobody really got to know the real me.” 

McDonald is now currently working at Caviar and Bananas, and is also entering art contests and selling his paintings and photoshoots. Coming from North Greenville McDonald has learned a lot, “North Greenville definitely taught me how to focus on many things and do them well, but my parents taught me the virtue of working hard,” said McDonald.

“I have missed having all my friends in one place! When I graduated I always asked myself, ‘Where is the car of the real world?’ For me that turned into church,” says McDonald.