Opinion: Is Alabama unstoppable?

Travis Willmann, Sports Section Editor

Courtesy of unsplash.com

Courtesy of unsplash.com

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Within the past few years, the University of Alabama has solidified themselves as one of the greatest dynasty’s college football has ever seen. And the mastermind behind Alabama’s success, head coach Nick Saban, does not seem to be stopping anytime soon. Saban has already won five national championships with Alabama and this year’s goal is the same. However, going into week 10 of the college football season, it is getting down to the danger zone for every team wanting to make it into the college football playoffs. A loss this late into the season would spell disaster for Saban and the Alabama Crimson Tide. So, the question remains, is Alabama un-stoppable?

 Alabama has won every game this year by double digits and that includes wins over, Texas A&M, Tennessee and Arkansas. The pure display of dominance is terrifying, even though Alabama has not yet reached the toughest part of their schedule, which starts on week 10. 

 Alabama’s toughest game of the year comes during week 10 against their rival Louisiana State University (LSU), according to secsports.com. LSU has put together a remarkable season, with only one loss coming against the University of Florida, earlier in the year. 

 Even though LSU is fourth in the country, according to the AP poll, Alabama is still picked to beat LSU by 14.5 points, according to ESPN. This is surprising since LSU will be at home for their game against Alabama where LSU has had success so far this year. 

 Looking forward past LSU, if Alabama does beat LSU and holds onto their number one ranking, their schedule gets much easier. Their last matchup against a ranked opponent will come against Mississippi State in week 11. 

 There is, however, Alabama’s last game of the year against Auburn. Auburn started the year off ranked number seven, but after multiple losses quickly fell out of the rankings and have not recovered since. The Alabama vs. Auburn game is by far the biggest game of the year for both squads and Auburn is always looking to beat their arch-rivals. 

 However, if numbers stay true and Alabama does not falter, and they rarely do, they will have a clear and easy path to another national title. The only team in the country they have to worry about is number three Notre Dame. 

Notre Dame is a wild card because they do not belong to a particular conference in football. They are independent, so they get to play whoever they want, and this means getting to play different styles of football, whereas Alabama is only subjected to one or two styles of play. 

Another problem that they might have with Notre Dame is that Notre Dame came out of nowhere. Over the past few years, Notre Dame football has been good, but not great. This year, however, it seems like they have finally gotten it together enough to might a title run. This should scare Alabama and Nick Saban. 

If Alabama gets by LSU, Notre Dame might be the only team left in the country to give Alabama a run for their money. But, its Nick Saban and Alabama football.