Take flight with NGU’s aviation minor

Lane Koch, Associate Writer

Photo courtesy of unsplash.com

Photo courtesy of unsplash.com

Have you ever asked yourself, “If I could have any superpower, what would it be?” You probably said something like super strength or super speed. Maybe someone wants to be a mind reader or even invisible. No matter the powers you thought up, most people circled back to one—they want to fly. Although falling into a vat of radioactive sludge or being born on a far-off plant are always an option, North Greenville is now offering a minor in aviation.

NGU is partnering with USAeroflight, an FAA certified flight school at Greenville Downtown Airport, to offer students the chance of earning an FAA Commercial, Private and Instrument Ratings certifications.

Student will spend a significant amount of class time in the sky, with as much as 190 hours of flight time by completion of the minor.

According to NGU Insights, students will learn various aspects of aviation such as: “Advanced training in Federal Aviation Regulations, air traffic procedures, aerodynamics, aircraft performance, basic and advanced aircraft systems, navigation, meteorology, aeromedical factors, crew resource management, and aeronautical decision making.”

The skills acquired through the program allow for practical application in a variety of careers. Whether it is for an airline, a cargo company or even a specific ministry.

Minors require a total of 18 hours and can complete several careers in other majors. The potential implications of the minor are not going unnoticed by many Christian Studies majors.

 “God has called me to serve in missions. I have felt a specific calling…to reach the people of Alaska,” explained Jesse Haack, Junior Intercultural Studies Major.

“The communities and villages scattered throughout the interior are so remote there is only one way to reach them…by plane.” Haack continued. “I am here preparing myself for the mission field…”

Whether you are searching for a new career path, hoping to become more hirable for the one you have or seeking fulfill God’s calling in your life—NGU’s aviation minor might be for you.

And if not, being able to say “yeah, I’m a pilot,” is just a cool icebreaker for your next date.