APPraisals: Evernote



There are loads of useful apps for college students, but one I have found the most useful since high school has been Evernote.

Evernote is an app that makes organization, taking notes and documenting easy. There is a free version, a Premium and a Business version of the app. The free version has all of the necessities on it such as: syncing across up to two devices, up to 60 MB of monthly uploads, work chats where you can send messages to those you have email contacts with (if they have Evernote as well), share-ability, ability to connect your google account to it for easy drive access, tags to find specific notes easily, shortcuts and more.

The premium option has a few more abilities to it. It can access your documents offline, forward emails, search in PDF files, present notes in one click and it can annotate PDFs.

The business option has the most abilities. These include: unlimited devices that can sync to your Evernote, 24 GB and up monthly upload space, maximum note size is 200 MB, ability to manage team data and access, collaboration in shared spaces and all of the other things the previous ones include.

The free version of Evernote is perfect for college students since we don’t truly need the Premium or Business upgrades.

Evernote allows me to keep my notes for each class separated and allows me to find each note quickly since they’re all in one place. With the blank, full-screen option while taking notes, it’s easy to focus on what you’re typing instead of getting distracted.

You can download the app on these following devices: